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What is Glass Skin and How to Achieve It

What is Glass Skin and How to Achieve It
Olivolio’s step by step guide to ensuring perfect skin!

Skincare trends have been circulating online for decades, and it’s difficult to stay up to date with the new products and routines without being bombarded with impractical hacks that can sometimes throw our complexion into pure chaos. If it were in our own hands, we would all have a youthful, dewy, healthy-looking, glowing complexion—better referred to as “glass skin”. The “Glass skin” trend has recently taken the beauty world by storm, and completely changed the game!

“Glass skin” entails a skincare routine that has less to do with flashy products and much more to do with the final, radiant, result. How can you achieve “glass skin?” We recommend a swift overhaul of your current skincare routine; here’s how.



Glass skin aims to evoke the idea of a crystal-clear sheet of glass, which means it’s all about skin that looks completely clear and almost transparent. Poreless, hydrated, baby-soft skin is the main objective. Much like its predecessors “cloudless”, “and “honey” skin, glass skin aims to achieve an intensely hydrated complexion that radiates a crystal clear, almost translucent appearance, described as a “very youthful, lit-from-within glow.”



Glass skin involves a mutli-dimensional approach and requires layering of lightweight, hydrating products. This can be easily achieved by following a consistent, step-by-step skincare routine that focuses on moisturising products. Glass skin is all about a glowing, youthful complexion, so hydration is a must!



While skincare trends fixate on providing instant results that are not long lived, achieving glass skin requires an extremely smooth surface, that is free of any bumps or texture. Under the skins outer most layer, there should be a large amount of water, to create a moist, luminous and hydrated appearance that will reflect light. It is crucial that the skin is also plump and firm to radiate the façade of “glass”. “Glass skin” requires “a consistent skin care routine consisting of a cleanser, serum, exfoliator and a hydrating moisturizer,” says dermatologist Sheryll Donerson.

Below is a step-by-step guide, on how to achieve glowing, “glass” skin!



1. Double cleansing

Double cleansing is the process of washing the face with a deep cleansing oil, followed by a gentle foam cleanser that addresses your skincare concerns. A clean canvas is an essential base for any skincare routine, this technique will remove the build-up of skin cells, dirt, free radicals and makeup throughout the day.


2. Exfoliate

It’s simple, clean skin = exfoliating! Exfoliating the skin, whether using a chemical or physical exfoliant, will slough away dead skin cells that build-up on the skin and clog pores, resulting in a dull complexion. It’s important to regulate your cleansing exfoliating 2-3 times a week will ensure your skin remains clean and supple, without causing harm to the epidermal layer. Don’t overdo it!


3. Face mask

Face masks are universally loved and appreciated for their easy application and glowing results—who doesn’t want to relax for 20 minutes AND achieve radiant skin? Applying a hydrating face mask 2-3 times a week will soothe, repair and soften the skin, while replenishing moisture lost throughout the week.  


4. Serum

Serums are a staple in the “glass skin” skincare routine, as they absorb quickly into the skin and contain high concentrations of active ingredients that act as topical treatments, locking moisture into the skin. Skincare expert Grace Lee states “For glass skin, choose serums that contain vitamins” this is because vitamins moisturise your skin, “bringing out that natural glow.”


5. Moisturiser

Moisturiser is the M.V.P of the “glass skin” routine! Moisturisers seal the skin’s moisture barrier, ensuring no moisture is lost throughout the day. The key to achieving “glass skin” is to layer hydrating products, moisturiser seals in the skincare products layered prior to its application, and its important to look for a moisturiser that will provide an instant burst of hydration—such as the Olivolio Hydrating Face Cream!



Achieving glass skin is not always “one approach suits all.” Just like any skincare routine, it will be unique to your skin type and texture, using products that suit your skin’s needs. Not sure about your skin type? Take our quick skin type quiz here.


Dry skin: Dry skin produces less sebum than that of “normal” skin. This means dry skin lacks the lipids it needs to retain moisture and build a protective shield against external influences—this can be combatted by using a hydrating moisturiser both morning and night and swapping out harsh cleansers for a gentle cleansing oil.


Oily skin/Combination skin: With oily skin, it’s always best to opt for light weight products that won’t completely strip the skin and cause more damage. You may feel inclined to skip the face oils and serums but applying face oil can actually help regulate and minimise sebum production!


Sensitive skin: The glass skin movement is built on using gentle, hydrating products that are suited for sensitive skin types. Keep an eye out for, sulphate-free cleansers and products with naturally soothing properties.


Achieving “glass skin” is not an overnight process, yet it won’t take long to reap the rewards! If you’re consistent with your skincare routine (and drink plenty of water!) results will surely follow. Click here to browse our wide range of hydrating donkey milk skincare, the perfect products to ensure you achieve radiant, hydrated, glowing “glass skin!”

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