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What Skin Type Am I?

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Skin care is a science that can often be intimidating to inquire into, but don’t be intimidated it’s something that everyone should learn! Caring for your skin properly means knowing what your skin needs. This begins with identifying your skin type.

 There are four main skin types;

1. Oily
2. Dry
3. Combination
4. ‘Normal’

    Learn how to identify you skin type taking this quick, online quiz followed below by our easy guide on how to care for your type!



    ‘Combination skin’ is characterised by having dry/normal skin on the cheek and chin area, while the nose and forehead (T-zone) are oily. Combination skin tends to present larger pores on the forehead and nose, and dry or dull skin in the remaining areas.

    How do you take care of combination skin?

    Combination skin requires products that are suited for both oily and dry skin types, that wont be too harsh on either area of the face. Gentle cleansers tend to work better for this skin type as they work as mild exfoliants that remove excess sebum and gently cleanse the pores, while not irritating and dehydrating dryer areas.

    Emollients are moisturisers and shea butters that soften the skin, working well for combination types as they regulate sebum production while hydrating the dry areas. Applying a good moisturiser after cleansing is essential in maintaining well-balanced skin, while also providing the dermal layers with anti-oxidants that protect the skin against environmental radicals.



    Dry skin presents in a variety of ways, however it is most frequently presented as feeling of tightness and roughness, with occurrence of desquamation, itching, redness and small cracks—which can leave the skin exposed to bacteria. Dry skin can be caused by environmental factors such as the weather, low air humidity and wind.

    However, Dryness must not be confused with dehydration! 

    • Dryness is caused by a lack of sebum (oil) in the skin. Symptoms include flakiness, sensitivity, itchiness and cracks.
    • Dehydration is the result of your skin not retaining enough moisture. Your skin may feel tight, or have a papery appearance

    Dry skin requires some TLC. Most cleansers are quite harsh, and can actually dry out the skin more after its application, it is important to find a hydrating cleanser that works for you and your skin!

    Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! Dry skin can mostly be treated with a good serum or moisturiser. Moisturiser provides a barrier over the skin that traps water inside to treat dehydrated skin. Dryness however, can be treated through serums, that act as a thicker protective barrier. Serums work best when applied before moisturiser, to ensure all of the nutrients are being retained into the skin. 



    Oily skin has a porous, humid and shiny appearance. It is caused by excessive sebum (oil) production by sebaceous glands, and usually determined by genetic and/or hormonal causes. Oily skin can be prone to breakouts, so cleansing the skin both morning and night is essential in regulating sebum production to assure it doesn’t accumulate in large amounts (this is what causes breakouts!)

    Mild cleansers work best for oily skin, with a gel or ‘soapy’ base. This assists in cleansing the pores and stripping away excess oil.

    Despite popular belief, oily skin still requires moisturiser! Moisturisers don't add water to your skin, but rather help hold the water in the outer layer of your skin to keep it hydrated. Applying moisturiser helps regulate sebum production, making sure it isn’t produced in excess amounts, therefore it is absolutely a necessity for oily skin. Oily skin requires water-based moisturisers, oil-based emollients tend to add oil to the skin, rather than hydrate it. Shop our wide range of moisturisers now.



    Although there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, having ‘normal’ skin simply means your skin has the right balance of sebum, making sure it’s not too oily nor too dry- the perfect in-between! However, normal skin still requires routinely cleansing and moisturisers. It’s good to find a gentle cleanser that works for your skin and doesn’t cause dryness or dehydration- making sure you maintain that healthy glow!


    So, what skin type are you? Knowing what kind of skin you have can make it easier to care for and maintain. Click here to shop our wide range of organic donkey milk products, suitable for all skin types.

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