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How to Survive A Bad Skin Day

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No matter how consistent we are with our skincare, bad skin days seem to creep their way in at the worst of times. Never fear! We all have them; unwanted breakouts, irritation; texture. Bad skin days are essentially inevitable. Then there’s always the question… how do we deal with them? We’ve curated a list of survival tips to keep in mind to pull through those bad skin days - and how to ensure they are less frequent.


1. Don’t panic!

Bad skin days are to be expected, the path to glowing, flawless skin is never linear. So, step away from that mirror and don’t panic! There are multiple internal and external factors that contribute to the occasional breakouts and dryness. Our hormones, specifically the androgens, regulate sebum production. However, irregularities can occur that can cause excess sebum to accumulate on the skin, leading to the occasional breakout. In some cases, there can be a lack of sebum production that results in dry patches and irritation.

Don’t stress, sebum production can be regulated with consistent cleansing, but there may be the occasional breakout or irritation. To treat these bad skin days, avoid wearing makeup on the irritated areas and stay away from packing too much product onto the skin. Keep it simple and stick to your skincare routine that is suitable for your skin type. Ultimately keeping in mind bad skin days are natural and universal, is the key to staying calm - don’t over think it, it happens to everyone!


2. Go minimal

The most successful way to survive a bad skin day, is to be patient and go minimal! Applying and layering excessive amounts of makeup or skincare products onto irritated skin can worsen the irritation, prolonging the breakout. Instead, go minimal! Try to avoid applying makeup on the irritated area. If you need to wear makeup, never apply directly over breakouts as it can worsen the blockage in the pore, and take longer to heal. Your skin needs to be able to breathe to heal, meaning less makeup. So next time a bad skin day comes around… remember to remain calm and keep it simple!


3. Use products you trust

When dealing with the occasional breakout, it’s time to bust out the “old faithful’s” and use products you trust! It’s common to believe that when your skin doesn’t look as radiant as usual, you need to lather the skin in as many products you can get your hands on. However, this will only end up causing more irritation and prolonging healing process. Instead, fall back onto products you trust—and know will work! Following your established skincare routine will minimise the time it takes for your skin to return to normal, and ensure consistency to sustain radiant, glowing skin. 

If you’re not one for grand and time-consuming skincare routines, a gentle cleanser and moisturiser will hydrate and protect the skin without causing added irritation. Our organic donkey milk skincare range is curated from certified organic agriculture to keep skincare simple and make those bad skin days easier to survive.


4. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

Moisturiser creates a protective barrier over the skin that prevents moisture from leaving the epidermis layer. Moisturising daily can minimise the frequency of bad skin days - remember; consistency is key!

Hydrating the skin is the key to dealing with bad skin days. Ice cubes can be used to prevent breakouts from developing, allowing us to avoid the bad skin days before they even arrive. Wrap an ice cube in paper towel and apply it to the blemish, watch it fade away overnight! This works best when you notice a blemish appearing, to prevent it from developing into a painful pimple. Celebrities swear by this! Click here to shop our donkey milk moisturising creams.


Bad skin days are never enjoyable and can take a toll on our self-confidence. However, with these tips in your arsenal - bad skin days will no longer be a big deal. It’s important to remember that the path to glowing skin is not going to be straight forward, however, remaining consistent with your skincare routine is the key to making those bad skin days less frequent. Click here to shop our wide range of organic donkey milk soap and skincare, formulated with essential vitamins; minerals; and antioxidants; to keep skincare sweet and simple.

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