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How Does Ageing Effect Your Skin

aging skin care


It’s no secret that your skin changes throughout your life. As you grow older, your skin changes, and so will your skincare routine! Knowing what your skin needs at these various stages will ensure that your glowing complexion lasts long past your youth!



  • The teenage years:

During the teenage years, the body undergoes significant hormonal changes that have a dramatic effect on the skin. These hormones stimulate glands on the skin’s surface to increase their sebum production. In some cases, these glands can be overactive, and lead to an accumulation of oil on the skin that causes breakouts and acne. When the hormone levels become less extreme towards your early 20's, the sebaceous glands produce less sebum and reduce the frequency of breakouts.

Younger skin requires a simple skincare routine. During the teenage years, it is important to focus on cleansing the skin regularly, this includes cleansing morning and night, as well as exfoliating once a week. Applying a gentle moisturiser after cleansing will balance the skins oil production and protect younger skin against prolonged environmental damage… it’s never too early to care for your skin!


  • 20's - 30's:

Although genetics play a large role in your skin’s appearance, signs of ageing may start to occur from the age of 25. As we age, our skin becomes looser and begins to thin. This starts to present in the mid-twenties, mainly in the forms of fine lines or small wrinkles. When skin starts to become thinner, its barrier function gradually reduces, minimising its natural protection against UV rays that can speed up signs of ageing.

Scientists have found that collagen mass and flexibility begin to deplete at a rate of approximately 1% a year, and metabolic processes of skin cells begin to decrease. Applying products that stimulate collagen production, such as retinol or vitamin A, will ensure the skin maintains elasticity and plumpness.

Our organic donkey milk skincare products are rich in vitamin A to stimulate the production of collagen and maintain a youthful glow.


  • 40's-50's:

A we age, the skin’s layers begin to break down, hence why wrinkles deepen as we get older. During the mid 40’s the outer most layer of the skin, the epidermis, begins to degrade as fewer skin cells are formed and existing cells gradually shrink, and the layer of skin becomes thinner. As the skin thins, fine lines and wrinkles deepen, and areas of hyperpigmentation - known as “age spots” become more frequent.

Connective tissues in the middle layer of skin lose their fibrous structure and water-binding ability, meaning they start to degenerate. This can lead to a loss of volume, that can change the contours of the skin. During this time, it’s important to layer skincare, starting with cleansing and moisturising, then layering topical treatments and serums that will minimise the visibility and pigmentation of wrinkles and age spots.

Click here to view our recent blog on layers of the skin and their functions.


  • 50's-60's:

During the 50's and 60's, the skin loses its natural ability to produce lipids, this along with the continued decline of collagen production and cell turnover can result in dryness and dehydration. Around this time, the skin becomes increasingly thinner as the cells regenerate at a slower pace, meaning the skin loses elasticity. Our skin also becomes more sensitive to environmental factors like UV, increasing the size and frequency of age spots and hyperpigmentation.

From the late 70's onwards, the skin’s immune function has reduced, making it more susceptible to infections and irritability. It is important to increase sun protection, which is easily achieved by layering sunscreen before any makeup or skincare application. Gentle cleansers are more effective for older skin as they don’t strip the skin entirely of natural oils and hydration.


What causes ageing?

80% of the skin’s visible ageing occurs as a result of environmental damage, which means it is preventable! Mature skin has a weakened network of collagen fibres and a thinner epidermis as opposed to younger skin, this can cause the skin to lose elasticity and “fold” on itself, creating wrinkles. 

Research has found skin with less exposure to the sun is able to maintain its elasticity, tone and ability to regenerate until an advanced age. The skin’s exposure to UV rays can expedite signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Reducing our exposure to the sun is a vital step to minimise the effects and signs of ageing. Sun safety is vital in all stages of life!

Source: ‘Effect of the sun on visible clinical signs of aging in Caucasian skin’ by Frederic Flament, et al.


How to treat signs of ageing:

Our donkey milk skincare range is curated from certified organic agriculture to nourish, soften and protect the skin at all stages of life! Filled with antioxidants, Vitamin A, B, C, D and E, our skincare products minimise the effects of ageing in the skin and treat indications of premature ageing. Click here to view our range.

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