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5 Skincare Myths Busted!

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Everyone wants luminous, smooth skin. However, healthy skin is about more than simply looking great. Your skin is the body’s largest, most visible organ, and it imperative it is looked after. Despite this, outdated practices are still in use, due to the spread of misinformation of what healthy skin requires.

Skincare has developed significantly over the past few years; however, skin myths have been spread ever since- due to a lack of scientific knowledge, and they continue to pervade. Never fear! Recent studies have led to the disproving of these harmful skincare myths. It’s time to set the record straight! Keep reading for the top ‘skincare myths’— that have been busted.


No. 1: Dehydrated skin = dry skin.

When it comes down to your skin, dehydration and dryness are two totally separate problem areas. Dry skin is considered a ‘skin type’, knowing your skin type can be the key to finding the right skincare regime for you. Click here to take our skincare quiz.

Dehydrated skin, however, can occur with any skin type (combination, dry, and oily) and is a condition rather than a specific category of skin. Dehydration occurs as a result of certain lifestyle factors, such as the elements, diet, and lifestyle choices. Dehydration can be identified as irritated, tight, inflamed and sensitive skin that appears dry or flaky as a result of a lack of water retention in the skins top layer. Whereas dry skin has a lack of oil production and lipids, and is caused by the body’s production of sebum rather than external elements.

Despite what some say—treating dry skin and dehydration requires two different approaches. Dehydrated skin requires protection against these environmental factors, such as wearing moisturiser to maintain water retention, and altering some lifestyle habits such as the consumption of coffee and alcohol. However, dry skin can be treated through a range of skincare products specific to their skin type, such as gentle cleansers, water-based moisturisers and vitamin-rich serums.


No. 2: You should exfoliate every day.

Exfoliating the skin promotes cell turnover by removing layers of dead skin cells that build up throughout the day. Although it does ensure silky smooth skin, exfoliating everyday can strip the skin of natural oils and disrupt chemical productions. This can lead to unwanted breakouts, and can actually slow down skin cell turnover over time and result in the a decrease in collagen synthesis and elastin, which keeps the skin tight and maintains elasticity.

Don’t let this scare you off! Exfoliation is necessary for a healthy glow, however the benefits come when you exfoliate in moderation. Applying exfoliant once or twice a week will help maintain a smooth complexion without causing any disruption to natural skin processes or productions. Consider this myth-busted!


No. 3: Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturised.

This is probably the most common misconception in skincare. Oily skin results in the over-production of sebum on the face. Sebum provides a moisture barrier to protect the skin however, in large amounts it can accumulate and block the pores, resulting in breakouts. It’s believed that moisturiser will simply “make the skin greasier” however, skin hydration does not = oil. Moisturisers help lock in a layer of water against the skin, providing a protective barrier that is absorbed into the skin for a healthy glow.

With no moisture at all your skin would become dehydrated and begin to over-compensate by producing more oil, so moisturising the skin regulates the oil production. It is key to have a moisturiser that is oil-free for oily skin types to prevent future sebum-build-ups. So, no! You cannot skip the moisturising step, even If you have oily skin.


No. 4: Hot water is good for the skin.

Its believed that fulfilling your skincare routine with hot water will “open up your pores” and assist your skin in absorbing the product, but this is not true! Pores are not muscles, meaning they do not have the ability to open and retract. Washing your skin with hot water can simply strip the skin of natural oils that maintain the moisture barriers. 

Instead, turn the temperature down to lukewarm, as extreme cold or hot can damage the skin as you are causing your blood vessels to restrict and contract too quickly. This can lead to pesky red blood vessels that make the skin appear red and irritated. Stick to warm water and your skin will thank you!


No. 5: The same skincare routines can work for everyone.

There are four main skin types, meaning our skin responds differently to varying products and routines. Finding products that restore and protect the skin is essential to getting a healthy glow. See our skin quiz to find out what skin type you have and what skin routine it requires.



Skin care myths facilitate the spreading of misinformation. By acknowledging these 5 skincare-myths, we are able to know exactly what our skin needs and what’s going to work. Click here to view our wide range of donkey milk skincare in order to protect your skin and ensure that healthy glow.  

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