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The Fundamental Dictionary of Skincare Ingredients

donkey milk soap base

The skin is your body’s largest and most important organ, it’s essential to look after it to ensure your wellbeing on both the outside and the inside. 60% of what we apply onto the skin is absorbed, meaning the products and ingredients we apply affects our body’s overall health and wellbeing - either for better or worse. Skincare ingredients aren’t always regulated, knowing what ingredients to look out for and avoid can save not only your skin, but your whole body’s wellbeing!

However, not all ingredients are harmful - in fact, there is a list of ingredients that assist in softening, smoothing and protecting the skin, that you need to look out for. The best and biggest No.1 secret to glowing skin is to check the ingredients! We have curated a list of ingredients to avoid and to look for when browsing for new skincare - be prepared to become a skincare scholar.


Ingredients to look for:

Skincare was invented to benefit and better the skin. Knowing what to look for on the skincare label is key to finding an effective skincare routine! Here’s what to look out for


1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals within your body and on the skin. Free radicals are unstable compounds that can cause harm if their levels become too concentrated within the body. Antioxidants are not always listed explicitly as an ingredient as they come in multiple forms.  Vitamin C, Vitamin A, vitamin E, manganese, and beta-carotene are all beneficial antioxidants that are listed explicitly on the ingredient list of skincare products that contain them - keep an eye out for these ingredients when purchasing any skincare products.


2. Botanicals

Botanicals is a general class of ingredients that refers to any ingredient that is natural or plant based. Organic ingredients are more sustainable, and are less likely to irritate the skin. Again, botanicals will not be listed explicitly, instead, look for words such as ‘organic’, and ‘natural’ when purchasing skincare.

Donkey Milk is an organic botanical ingredient that has a high retinol concentration. Retinol is a potent form of vitamin A that stimulates the increase of collagen production and the stimulation of blood vessels on the skin. Make sure to look out for specific botanicals when you read the label!


3. Vitamins

Vitamins are a general group of essential nutrients that promote healthy cell function and facilitate cell turnover.  Vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are powerful antioxidants and nutrients that repair cellular damage on the skin and within the body. Vitamins are an essential ingredient to have in every skincare product.


Ingredients to avoid:

Some ingredients do more harm than good when applied directly to the skin. Here are the main ingredients to avoid when researching and buying any skincare products. Our organic donkey milk skincare range is free from parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances, to ensure the best for your skin.  


1. Parabens (Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl)

Parabens are hidden preservatives used in skincare products that can cause premature ageing of the skin, as they disrupt natural cell turnover rates and hormones. Parabens can cause the skin to lose elasticity over time and become dull. Again, ‘parabens’ wont be explicitly listed as an ingredient, instead, observe the list for any words ending in Methyl, Butyl, Ethyl, Propyl to avoid applying parabens onto the skin.


2. Mineral Oil

Although it has been said that mineral oil is a sufficient hydrating agent, it has been proven to do more harm than good. Mineral oil locks in moisture to heal dry, irritated skin and assists in ensuring products feel luxurious and smooth. However, dermatologist Ava Shamban has noted that "because of the barrier effect it has on skin, mineral oil can clog pores." She notes products that combine mineral oil and paraffin can damage the skin barrier and increase water loss, rather than promote it. So look for products that are mineral oil-free to ensure healthy, glowing skin.


3. Synthetic fragrances

Artificial fragrances contain synthetic chemicals that irritate the skin, agitate eczema and increase the frequency of breakouts. It has been recently proven that fragranced products cause adverse health effects that can be carried deep below the skin. Skin care companies are often vague, often only listing “fragrance” rather than the harmful ingredients that they consist of. Be sure to avoid fragranced products to ensure happy and healthy skin.


Finding the right skincare products is always difficult, however knowing what ingredients to avoid, and which to look for is beneficial in narrowing down the options. Keeping in mind these ingredients will ensure your skin receives only the best, promoting healthy, glowing skin.  Our wide range of donkey milk skincare products is free from parabens, mineral oils and fragrances, in order to protect your skin from harmful chemical agents.

Rich in essential antioxidants and vitamins, our products are curated from certified organic agriculture to protect, soften and nourish the skin. Click here to browse our wide range of donkey milk skincare products. 

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