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The Beginners Guide to Establishing a Haircare Routine

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We can spend years perfecting our skincare routine, which means our haircare routine is often neglected. It’s time to give your mane more attention and more TLC! Establishing a hair routine is the key to maintaining healthy, well-nourished hair. Just like skincare, not every product will work for your hair, finding the products that nourish and protect your hair type and scalp is the key to establishing an effective routine.



Just like skin types, there are various types of hair. The type of hair you have will determine the specifics of your haircare routine. Knowing your hair type is the key to establishing a routine that will work for you. There are four main categories of hair:

  • Oily Hair: oily hair requires cleansing more frequently than normal or dry hair, characterised by the increased production of sebum on the scalp.
  • Normal Hair: “Normal” hair simply refers to hair that produces the right amount of sebum on the scalp, however, ‘normal’ hair still requires a successful haircare routine to stay healthy!
  • Dry Hair: dry hair does not have enough moisture and oil to maintain its normal sheen and texture. Dry hair often feels brittle and requires moisturising products.  
  • Combination Hair: combination hair is characterised by an oily scalp and dry ends; this indicates that the natural oil produced on the scalp is not travelling down the hair shaft efficiently.



Although different hair types will require specific hair products, there is a universal sequence of steps that can be applied to all routines; cleanse, condition, moisturise and detangle. Following these four simple steps will ensure your hair remains nourished and protected.



Cleansing the hair is the process of removing dead tissue and product build-up, without stripping the hair of naturally produced oils. In the absence of frequent cleansing, sebum can build up on the scalp and result in unwanted oiliness.

Cleanse the hair by applying a small amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, rubbing them together. Lather the scalp with the shampoo, massaging in circular motions. After 1-2 minutes, rinse with water, ensuring all shampoo is removed before applying conditioner.



Conditioner is formulated to deliver moisture to the hair after cleansing. It is essential in protecting the hair shafts from damage while making the hair softer. Softer hair is easier to manage and detangle without breakage and split ends. Conditioner often contains a cationic surfactant, that allows the conditioner to ‘stick’ to the surface of the hair when wet, allowing for maximum protection.

Condition the hair by applying a small amount of conditioner onto the palm of your hands and rubbing together. Starting at the roots, apply the conditioner directly to the hair, smoothing it in a backwards direction. Once the hair is lathered, leave the conditioner in for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.



After washing and towel drying your hair, it is important to apply a product that will seal the moisture in the hair. This is especially beneficial for those with curly or coily hair, to maintain hydration and keep the hair hydrated until the next wash.



Detangling the hair is essential to minimising hair breakage - which is what causes those unwanted split ends. If the hair is not regularly detangled, it’s harder to comb through resulting in breakages. The key to detangling the hair is to find the right brush that works for your hair type. Curly and coily hair does not require detangling as often as straight or wavy hair, as it can intensify hair frizz and dehydration.

Finally, protecting the hair against harmful heat tools is the key to maintaining protecting hair shaft and cuticle. The heat protectant you use will depend on the type of hair you have; however it is a fundamental step to maintaining healthy hair!



Haircare routines do not have to be complicated. Following these four basic steps will provide the basis for an effective haircare routine - irrespective of varying hair types. 

Our organic donkey milk haircare range is suitable for all hair types, enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and protect your hair. Click here to shop our wide range of skincare and haircare must-haves!

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