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Keep Your Skin Hydrated This Summer

donkey milk moisturising cream

Summer is officially here! Along with beach-days, and salty toes, come the intense heat of the summer sun, which can damage the skin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause skin damage in as little as 15 minutes. Prolonged exposure and damage can lead to various forms of skin cancer, many of which, thankfully, are preventable. Introducing preventative measures into your skincare regime can protect your skin this sunny season.

If you want to prevent sun damage on the skin, including dark spots, breakouts, irritation and dryness, it is essential that you maintain your skin's health and take protective measures. We have curated a list of preventative measures to minimise sun damage on the skin during summer.



It's well known that sunscreen will protect your skin, yet recent studies prove only 11% of adults wear it daily. Sunscreen works by blocking and absorbing UV rays through both chemical and physical barriers. Ingredients such as zinc and titanium dioxide reflect the radiation from the skin, preventing it from being absorbed. 

SPF, or sun protectant factor measures the level of UV protection of the skin. SPF 50+ protects from 98% of UV rays, and therefore is extremely effective in ensuring your skins protection. Sunscreen is most effective when worn every day. It can be applied daily, before or under your foundation, which aids in protection without effecting your makeup routine! Lather up!



The body is made of 60% water. In summer, our body loses a lot of bodily fluids through sweat meaning we become increasingly dehydrated. To assist your body in cooling off, it is fundamental you drink those 8 cups a day! Staying hydrated is key to maintaining skin elasticity and reduces the risk of irritation involved with sun damage, meaning you can sustain a healthy and radiant summer glow.



Although when it’s hot outside, we may feel it’s more appropriate to wear less clothing rather than more. However, covering the skin and blocking it from the UV protects against sun damage. Light coloured, loose clothing is the most suitable for summer to stay cool while still ensuring protection.  Protective wear such as sunglasses and hats can aid in protecting the skin from getting burnt and minimising permanent sun damage.



The sun is most damaging during 10am-4pm, therefore, minimising your exposure to outdoor activities during this time is fundamental in ensuring your skin’s protection this summer. If outdoor activities during these hours cannot be avoided, it is important you seek shade to keep your skin protected, and plan ahead! Bring an umbrella or seek shade under trees, hats or covered areas. This will ensure your skin stays happy and healthy during this summer season.



Summer means more sweat, which means the body loses more water, and leads to dehydration. Dehydration causes irritation, redness and dryness of the skin; thus it is important to keep your skin moisturised and restore your skin’s moisture barrier to protect against the summer heat.

Heat results in the production more sweat and more oil, this abundance of moisture on the face can result in breakouts and irritation. However, moisturiser is still absolutely necessary! Moisturiser maintains the skins oil levels and creates a moisture barrier that traps hydration in the skin. Moisturising the skin is key to sustaining your natural glow this summer, if you’re consistent, your complexion will remain hydrated through the whole season.


Incorporating protective and preventative measures into your daily skincare routine can ensure your skin remains healthy this summer. When the body is exposed to heat and UV rays, it can lead to sunburn, skin damage and breakouts. Following these five preventative measures will ensure your skin stays hydrated and nourished during the summer heat. Click here to browse our wide range of organic donkey milk skincare products, to maintain your skins hydration and wellbeing during this summer.

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