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How to Avoid 'Mascne'

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‘Mascne’ (Mask-acne) is term given to the blemishes on the cheek, nose and chin that are caused by the wearing of masks. Masks have become a necessity in the modern world, and as if trying to adapt to our new reality isn't already difficult enough - there has been an increase in skin irritation and stress, resulting in an upsurge of unwanted and unwelcome blemishes… Don’t panic! We have curated a list of skincare tips to live by, and how to handle ‘mascne’ when it strikes!



In order prevent unwanted breakouts, it's necessary to understand what is causing them. Masks are worn to prevent saliva droplets being emitted into the air and transmitted. While masks are necessary to prevent transmission of COVID-19, they trap moisture and bacteria, which is absorbed into the skin. This creates a humid environment conductive of acne-causing bacteria, this combined with trapped dirt, oils and sweat on the skin can cause frequent irritation and blemishes.

Just like any regular form of acne, there are multiple contributing factors that can cause skin irritation. ‘Mascne’ can be caused by mask materials; the frequency of wearing masks; sweat; and a build up of bacteria. However, there are ways to prevent it.



Masks collect bacteria, wearing the same mask over and over again can lead to an accumulation of dead skin cells, sweat, oil, and bacteria on top of the skin. This increases the frequency and severity of breakouts… but never fear! This can be resolved by rotating your reusable masks, in association with frequent washing - or investing in disposable masks. This will ensure there is minimal bacterial build-up and minimise the accumulation of it on the skins surface.



Wearing makeup underneath your mask can trap particles and clog pores as the skin is not able to breathe as it would without a mask. However, this doesn’t mean you have to go bare faced completely! Avoid applying makeup on the chin, cheeks and nose, where the mask covers.

Instead, apply makeup to the visible areas of the forehead and eye regions where it will not be trapped and accumulated. Not only will this cut your makeup routine in half - time wise - it will allow your skin to breathe under your mask and prevent unnecessary breakouts and irritation.



Exfoliation is fundamental to ensure glowing, healthy skin - even more so when wearing masks! Keeping our masks on for long periods of time prevents the face from shedding dead skin cells and maintaining a stable rate of cell turnover. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week will assist the skin in its natural rejuvenation process and minimise the frequency of breakouts and irritation caused by mask-wearing.



Being consistent with your everyday skincare regime is the key to preventing breakouts and blemishes during the pandemic. Frequent cleansing and moisturising will ensure your skin is protected against dirt, sweat and oils that are trapped on the skin underneath your mask.

In the event of a breakout…Don’t panic! Real skin has imperfections, it’s important to aim for healthy skin and not perfect skin. Avoid applying makeup directly to the irritated area, and refrain from picking at the skin, this will ensure the skin has time to heal.


Adapting to our modern world is difficult enough - skin irritation and breakouts are the last thing anyone wants to wake up to of a morning. Mask mandates - while necessary - have led to the accumulation of sweat, dirt, oils and bacteria on the skin which result in an increase of blemishes and irritation. Following these steps will minimise the frequency and severity of these breakouts.

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