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How To Apply Your Skincare Correctly (And See Results)

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Skincare is like working out; we procrastinate doing it after a long day, however, we feel more victorious, healthier and put-together after its done! While the bare minimum of both has been known to improve our emotional wellbeing, professional dermatologist and skincare specialists argue that specific, consistent techniques can lead to better results.

The way you apply your products can have a drastic impact on the way your products work. Simply rubbing your products in harshly can pull the skin and result in skin-sagging, while increasing your chance of wrinkles. So, what is the proper way to apply your skincare? The first rule is to start by cleansing your hands!



Although most believe ‘Step 1’ in the skincare routine should be cleansing the face—it is essential to make sure your hands are clean before they come into contact with your beautiful skin! This prevents any bacteria accumulated on the hands throughout the day from being transferred onto the surface of the face. Such bacteria can cause breakouts and dry patches, which is what we are trying to avoid!

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After the cleansing of your hands, it’s time for the face! Begin by applying a small amount of warm water onto the face, this will minimise the abrasive effects of the cleanser and make it less harsh on the skin - providing a lubricated barrier to prevent any tension. Cleanser should be applied directly onto the fingertips, rub the tops of your fingers together to create a ‘foam’ like consistency. Apply first onto the apples of your cheeks, using gentle, circular motions to prevent any tension and possibly ‘pulling’ of the skin.

Once the cleanser has begun to foam, and has covered your entire face, rinse again with warm water and pat dry using a clean hand towel. Repeat this process again, using the ‘double-cleansing technique’. The ‘double cleansing’ technique has been proven to have many benefits on the skin. The first cleanse removes any excess dirt/makeup acquired on the surface of the skin, while also getting rid of environmental free radicals that cause early ageing. The second cleanse provides a deeper clean and will revitalise the skin while allowing other skincare products to penetrate more effectively.

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Place a small amount of serum/oil into the palm of your hand (again, make sure those claws are clean!) and rub together gently. Extend your hand fully and pat lightly into the skin without rubbing. This will leave your skin plump and revitalised without any harmful tugging - ensuring you sustain a youthful appearance!

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The area around your eyes is thinner, and therefore more sensitive than the rest of your face. Simply rubbing in your eye creams with force may do more harm than good. Instead, place a small amount of cream onto the ring finger (they have the softest touch). Gently tap the cream into the skin, starting from the bottom inner corner and carrying it upwards to the temples. This gives your skin a naturally ‘lifted’ appearance. Again, remember the skin around your eyes is sensitive and requires some extra TLC, so be gentle!



Moisturising is the final face step, and it can completely transform your skin! Applying moisturiser traps the previous skincare products in a layer of moisture - that also acts as a protective barrier against environmental pollutants.

Apply moisturiser by taking a small amount on the index and middle finger, place one hand on the middle of the chin and drag upwards towards the temple. Place the second hand under the eye and drag toward your cheekbone. Repeat for both sides of the face. When moisturising the forehead, apply pressure in the centre and drag the skin upwards, this gives your face a natural ‘lift’, and gives you a massage treatment from the comfort of your own home.  

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Many people neglect their neck and chest area when moisturising, however our neck is the first part of our body to express signs of ageing—and therefore this step cannot be skipped! Apply décolletage cream onto the fingertips, begin at the bottom sides of your neck and apply force in an upwards direction, stopping once you reach the jawline. This technique will ‘lift’ the skin and minimise the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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The way we apply our skincare is essential in ensuring your products are working for you. Following these steps will ensure your skin maintains a vibrant-youthful glow. Click here to browse our organic donkey milk products, rich in vitamins and nutrients that will satisfy your skin and leave a smoother, hydrated appearance

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